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Robotic Manufacturing Solutions

Whatever factor is driving you to consider tending your machine with a robot, our staff has the experience to design and build a reliable system to meet your requirement. Contact us today!

Top-of-the-Line, State-of-the-Art

ASG is dedicated to bringing the best tools to our clients. As you can see in photos below, we use FANUC robotics in many of our jobs because we can trust that their machines will get your job done. We are an authorized integrator, meaning we receive training and certification directly from them.

FANUC build the robots to be adjustable and customizable. They rely on companies like ASG to help customers implement into the specific use cases as well as offer troubleshooting or other support.

Production Cells and Assembly Operations

ASG has a rich history of solving complex manufacturing assembly needs.  From automotive to appliances, ASG has delivered reliable, efficient, and creative automated assembly solutions.  Assembly tasks such as part alignment, part mating, bolt feeding, and nut running are commonplace projects for ASG’s team.  Whether it be a dozen robot engine assembly lines or a basic bearing alignment system, ASG has the team and resources to provide a robust solution.

Palletizing and Depalletizing

ASG integrates industrial robots in palletizing processes, with a wide variety of packaged products. We can palletize in a straight column stack or in an interlocked pattern using an automatic recipe driven system that will meet or exceed your production requirements.

Plasma Cutting & Welding

ASG can provide robust automatic/semi-automatic robotic cells utilizing custom components designed and built by ASG along with standard or customized components from our industry leading partners. Whether plasma cutting or welding, ASG can incorporate integrated control systems along with material handling and/or automatic part positioning to meet your production needs.


Material Handling

ASG has integrated robots for handling solid and liquid products. These products range from small items to large rigid loads, even molten aluminum. We have successfully incorporated the consistency and reliability of robots into the manufacturing environment, resulting in a safer and more efficient workplace.

ASG’s custom in-house designed end-of-arm tooling allows material handling of all types of products. We have expertise in applications using conveyors, aluminum extrusion, and other equipment to move parts and products through the production process. Benefits of robotic material handling include: Speed, Reliability, Accuracy, Consistency, Flexibility, Safety, and Reduction of Cost.


Machine Tending

ASG integrates industrial robots for a wide variety of machine tending projects. Common issues that lead to machine tending applications are: a need for a safer workplace, production demands, and increased quality of the finished product. Whatever factor is driving you to consider tending your machine with a robot, our staff has the experience to design and build a reliable system to meet your requirement. Our background includes loading and unloading CNC Mills, CNC Lathes, CNC Grinders, and Presses for various industries.


Material Removal

ASG has ample experience in removing material such as fiberglass and polymer flash to aluminum and steel casting seams. We use off the shelf compliance devices, and design custom compliance mechanisms to achieve the correct amount of material removal. From deburring to grinding, ASG can handle the most complex material removal projects. Oftentimes these projects work hand in hand with palletizing and machine tending applications.


Vision Systems

ASG personnel has ample experience integrating ABB Integrated Vision, Yaskawa MotoSight, and Fanuc iRVision systems. Applications range from Palletizing, De-Palatizing, Bin Picking, Part Part ID, Poka-yoke, and Part Inspection. Depending on the application requirements, we also use Cognex and Keyence vision systems with our robotic and non-robotic automation systems. 


PLC Control Systems

ASG has a strong history of programming PLC and Servo systems from top brands like Allen Bradley, Omron, Siemens, and Mitsubishi. From simple conveyor control systems to complex multi axis servo systems, ASG has the team to handle it.  We have the capability to design and build quality control panels onsite. 


Systems Sustainment Services

ASG is prepared to support our customers with spare parts, services, training, and safety evaluations. Quick response to our customer’s critical equipment sustainment is a top priority for ASG. We can help sustain and/or upgrade our provided equipment as well as many other manufacture’s equipment, including conducting safety risk assessments.