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Manufactured Assemblies

Amtec Solutions Group manufactures custom assemblies to your requirements.  Our experienced team works cooperatively with our customers from planning though production ensuring quality in the delivered item.  Typical assemblies might be comprised of a combination of commercial off the shelf items, machined parts, weldments, or formed parts.  Certain components may also require metal treatments, wet painting, or powder coating before they are carefully assembled into the final product.

We also have experience in the manufacture and assembly of factory equipment to existing prints.  In many instances the prints are obsolete and collaboration with the customer is required to ensure we meet their requirements.  It is not uncommon that a customer desires certain components be modernized, for safety features to be enhanced, or new capabilities added to the equipment during the build.

Our in-house welders can weld aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel while holding tight tolerances.  When needed, welders are certified to required welding specifications.  Typical welding specifications we adhere to are AWS D1.1, D1.6, and D17.1.