Custom Automated Equipment and Cells

ASG is experienced in the design and fabrication of custom machines used in the assembly, testing, material handling, and packaging of products. Our personnel have the specialized experience to take your requirements, then design and build a reliable machine to meet those requirements. Some of the specific areas we have the skills to assist you are:

  • Stand Alone Assembly Machines
  • Multi-Station Dial Assembly Machines
  • Pick and Place Units
  • Auto Load/Unload Stations
  • Auto Sorting and Stacking Units
  • Auto Packaging Systems (Weigh and Shrink-Wrap)
  • Auto Tape Machines
  • Bowl Feeder Units
  • Vibratory Hoppers
  • Re-Tooling of Existing Equipment to accommodate new products
  • Refurbishing Existing Equipment to replace outdated components
  • Camera Inspection Stations

  • Assembly Cells for Lean Manufacturing Systems
  • Bar-coding for Automatic Change-Over
  • Quick Change-Over for Manual Stations
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Mechanical Power Transmission Design
    • Conveyor Speed and Drive Sizing
    • Gearbox/Motor Sizing
    • Brake/Clutch Sizing
    • Torque Limiters
    • Guarding Systems


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