CompactRIO (cRIO) Modules

ASG is a manufacturer of cRIO modules for use in the National Instruments cRIO product family.  We currently have one module in production with others planned.


Click here to visit National Instruments website for more information on the cRIO platform.

AM9898 cRIO HART Master Interface, 4CH


The AM9898 HART Master Interface cRIO module allows National Instruments CompactRIO (cRIO) systems to communicate with devices using the HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) Protocol, the global standard for sending and receiving digital information across analog wires between smart devices and control or monitoring systems.  HART smart field devices are used interchangeably with traditional 4-20mA analog only units and provide other digtal data such as: device status, diagnostic alerts, manufacturer & device tag, process variables & units, and basic configuration parameters. The AM9898 enables systems built using NI's cRIO product family to be a host system that can communicate with HART enabled devices such as valves controllers, pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, flow transmitters, and other HART enabled smart devices used in process automation applications.


The AM9898 module is offered for sale exclusively from National Instruments.

ASG Part Number:  AM9898

NI Part Number:  783073-01


Click here for more information and to purchase this module from NI. 


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Calibration Service for the AM9898 Module

Please visit our online store to order calibration services for your AM9898 module.  Once your order is placed, you will receive a Calibration Service ID number and shipping instructions to send the unit to us.  Typicically, your newly calibrated unit will ship from our facility within 1-2 weeks after receipt at our facility.  A Certificate of Calibration will be provided.


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